American Heart Association Heart Ball

“Honestly, I think you all were by far the easiest vendors to work with. I appreciate you meeting me when ever possible, making last minute accommodations, and being awesome in all aspects. The performance was incredible, the music was spot on and the costumes were great! The walk abouts, were energetic but more importantly professional. Any time I needed them they were available, eager and ready in place at all the right times. Your team followed the timeline like a script and any time I thought to go get you, there you were right behind me ready to perform. Getting the opportunity to meet you all and work with your team was the highlight of this experience for me and I hope to get to do this again in the future.” – Emily Fralinger, Heart Ball

Aerial Silks at the Marriott Charleston SC Cirque Entertainment at the Marriott Charleston SC Aerial Silks Duo at the Heart Ball Circus Building Entertainment at the Heart Ball