Artisphere 2015 with Revolve Aerial Dance

Revolve Aerial Dance has been performing at Artisphere Festival in Greenville for the past 4 years, and hiring us to perform each year as well. This was our 4th year at the festival, and we go every year because we love it so much! The crowd is fantastic, the view is incredible, and the people running the event are amazing to work with. It’s no surprise that Artisphere has been voted the 3rd best art festival in the US…they know what they are doing!
Aerial Performer on Aerial Sling Aerial Silks Duo
The first year we went it was Julianna Hane (founder and Artistic Director of Revolve), Rebekah Leach, and Jordan Anderson. The second year there was room for a bigger show so Clayton Woodson was added to the mix. The third year we performed Julianna was at ProTrack at NECCA, so Meredith Yuhas took her place at the festival, and this year Rebekah Leach had just had a baby, so Julianna, Jordan, Clayton and Meredith put on the show. We like to change things up each year and bring lots of acts, so this year the 4 of us brought a total of 10 unique acts to the festival!

Meredith’s Dance Trapeze act was a really high-energy crowd-pleaser, and she pulled out all the stops each time even when the sun was beating down and the temperature rising. Clayton’s Lyra routine was soulful, gorgeous and strong. Jordan’s new Aerial Fabric act, set to “Summertime” by Janis Joplin, was perfect for the high 80 degree weather, and Julianna’s Lyra act started with a bang and never let up.
Aerialist on Trapeze Hoop Aerial Rope Performer
Jordan & Clayton’s duo Aerial Fabric act was a big crowd-pleaser, Meredith’s Trap-Hoop routine was a gorgeous dance with all sorts of splits, Julianna’s Aerial Sling act was playful and flirty, Jordan’s Aerial Rope act was upbeat, strong, and silly, and Clayton’s Dance Trapeze act was performed almost entirely in the ropes. Jordan also performed a repeat of last year’s Aerial Fabric act that everyone loved.

Our biggest challenge at the festival was probably all the rigging in the hot sun. With all of those different acts, we had to bring lots of energy to our multiple rigging change-outs. It was well worth it though, since variety is the spice of life.
Trapeze Performer Aerial Silks Performer
The crowd was friendly and loud, and gave us lots of great energy. Extra special props to the many repeat attendees who make a special effort to catch many of our acts each year. We are so honored to perform for you and glad that you enjoy our show so much.

We’re still posting photos from the event, and you can check out the photo album at this link.