We can present anything from a single performer for a short a la carte event to a stand alone 20 – 40 minute Cirque-style show with a variety of performers.

Aerial Acts

Most aerial acts can be presented with a solo performer, multiple solo performers (who do not interact with each other) or duo performers entwined within one act.

Our aerialists can perform on aerial silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial rope, and a variety of unique aerial apparatuses

Unique Aerial Apparatuses

Martini Glass
Nested Hammock
Tippy Lyra
Double Point Sling
Double Bar Trapeze
Four Strand Fabric

Ground Acrobats

A ground-based duo performing acrobalance or acrodance. These performers can perform as an ambient or a featured act in which they balance each others body weight and move in synchronized patterns.

Additional Ground Acts

Stilt Walkers
Towering high above the crowd, these performers are sure to attract attention. They can provide reception service, such as welcoming guests with a drink or a handout, or they can simply act as an interesting spectacle.

A ground-based solo or duo act that can be performed as an ambient or featured act and may include props or versatile costumes. These performers specialize in astounding displays of flexibility and poise.

Living Tables
Delighting your guests with food and beverage service, these performers are costumed to appear as though they are part of the table. This setup is stationary.

Walking Trays
Engaging your guests with handouts, food, or beverages, these performers are costumed with a service tray that hangs at their waist. This setup is mobile.

Charming your guests upon entry, these performers are costumed to fit your theme and specialize in proving an interactive reception, which may include welcoming guests with a drink or handout or escorting guests to a designated area or seat.

Twirlers/Poi spinners
Captivating your guests with skilled acts that involve moving props, and can be performed as an ambient or featured act.  These performers dance and spin hoops, batons, or light-up poi.

Walkabout Characters
Elaborately costumed to match your theme, these performers move among the crowd interacting and engaging with guests as a scene character to set the mood for your event. They may use props and are available for photos. Think of them solely as actors and entertainers.

Handy Character
Costumed to match your theme, these performers are meant to provide a helping hand to the function of your event for simple tasks in which they will interface with your guests. Perfect if you need stylish assistance with auctions or fundraising during the event. Think of them as entertainers, foremost, but with a functional and flexible role.

LED Frames
Illuminate your event by requesting our LED frames. These colorful, lighted shapes are a fun way to brighten up our ground acts. They can be used to engage with guests for photos or to provide a glowing frame for performances. Available with our stilt walkers, acrobats, contortionists, and walkabout characters.